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First Eat aims to create Awareness, Availability and Affordability of health and wellness through fresh, carefully prepared meals. Ordering is being facilitated through a robust tech platform, which will enable users to choose the type of meal that he/she needs and wants. Currently, First Eat is serving standardized healthy and affordable options in Gurgaon. Weekly subscription options are also available which enables the users to choose the kind of diet-plan meal he/she wants to have. Along with a range of healthy meals in varying categories, First Eat also offers a whole range of Cold Pressed Juices.

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Nutritious Poha
Nutritious Poha INR 0 INR 0 Best Suited for Individuals who are always on the go and prefer a glutten free meal with high carb quantity, Poha is your best bet for a fulfilling breakfast! True 1473615642
Sauteed Idli Salad
Sauteed Idli Salad INR 0 INR 0 Individuals who are always on the move need a wholesome meal that includes right amount of carbs, proteins n minerals. This is it !! True 1473615783
Healthy Upma
Healthy Upma INR 0 INR 0 Individuals who need extra dose of vitamins in their daily diet, and want a light yet filling meal, upma is calling... True 1473615729
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